“It had a greenish, demonish face on the cover. Readers, help!”: An Interview with Randy Boyagoda

“Book you most want to read again for the first time: The Hardy Boys book I lost when I was a boy, before I finished it! It had a greenish, demonish face on the cover. I’ve looked and looked and never found it. Readers, help!” In today’s Shelf Awareness Pro, Randy Boyagoda does a “Reading […]

Poetry on May 21: Shane Neilson’s NEW BRUNSWICK arrives in Canada and Mike Barnes’s BRAILLE RAINBOW in the US

  STIGMATIZED, SILENCED EXPERIENCE: Mike Barnes’s Braille Rainbow and Shane Neilson’s New Brunswick candidly explore disability, abuse, physical pain, and mental illness. Both poets’ speakers struggle to love, or even to recognize, themselves:           the bitterest irony is the self           imitating itself at every level   […]

Cecil Foster’s THEY CALL ME GEORGE is a hit in Canada. On May 21, it comes to the US.

Cecil Foster’s They Call Me George, about Black train porter activism and how it shaped unions and race relations in the US and Canada, hits U.S. shelves on May 21. The book’s US release coincides with the 125th anniversary of the landmark Pullman car porter strike, a turning point in US labour history. They Call […]