In House: Inside the Biblioasis Book-Binding Party

It’s a busy time in the Bibliomanse. The immediate task (on top of production, marketing, arranging tours, getting all the holiday orders out, getting the spring season into a shape that doesn’t make us all want to open-mouth sob, etc.) is the production of handcrafted chapbooks. Against Amazon is a short manifesto written by Biblioasis author […]

HIRING! Full-Time Intern

Biblioasis is Looking for a Full-Time Intern! Have you ever wanted to learn more about publishing but assumed you would have to go to Toronto or New York or London to do so? Have you turned down unpaid internships because you can’t afford to work for free?  Do you want the opportunity to learn about […]

IN THE MEDIA: Biblioasis Roundup

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! DO IT! READ IT NOW! Today’s media roundup is a heart-warming reminder that, in this world of e-readers and social media, some people in the old fashioned book worlds of newspapers, magazines, and libraries are still fighting the good bibliofight. Yes, they’re fighting it mostly online these days (and […]