A rich young couple retires to England in search of a charmingly haunted estate. Their realtor ensures them the mansion of Pangbourne is indeed haunted—but those who have seen its ghost only recognize it long afterward. Delighted, they purchase the home, where they soon discover a secret stairway to the roof. There they see a mysterious visitor on the grounds below. Surprised, the husband races down to meet the man. Oddly, though, he can’t be found…



“I just bought my set of these and they … are … PERFECT. I hope they do these every year.” — Patton Oswalt

“I perused – nay, let me say devoured – four of the booklets in a night, and although I was in the security of my own domicile, ensconced in a favorite chair, these ‘ghost stories for Christmas,’ as they are advertised, left me in quite the state of perturbation. Had I any hair remaining upon my pate, I daresay it would have been standing on end.” … “A bit of the old eldritch in each hearth-warmed stocking” —Robert Faires & Wayne Alan Brenner, Austin Chronicle

“These are beautiful little books … [My family’s] been reading them at home, and we’ve actually put them away so we can re-read them on Christmas Eve.” —Matt Galloway, CBC’S Metro Morning

“For Seth, this is really a labour of love.” —Peter Robb, Ottawa Citizen

“Nifty packaging, striking design—so Seth.” —Ben McNally, Ben McNally Books, Toronto, ON

“Seth’s Christmas Ghost Stories series resurrects the legacy of fireside tales at Christmas with these beautifully illustrated editions.” —John Toews, McNally Robinson Booksellers, Winnipeg, MB